Best flea treatment for dogs

Best flea treatment for dogs - Fleas can cause severe irritations for your dog such as excessive scratching, biting or chewing, especially in the rear, tail and inside or outside of thighs, thinning hair, skin lesions, red raised bumps etc. The very first thing you have to do to get rid of fleas is always to wash him having a flea shampoo. You can even add neem oil to your regular stuff. A flea comb is vital to trap the fleas, that can die when you dip the comb in soapy water after each comb stroke. Flea bites may cause moist, infected areas within your dog called 'hot spots'. In order to soothe the irritation aloevera or tea tree oil combined with water can be used.

A suitable flea repellent can also be used to get rid of fleas on your dog. To start with you can go for something mild and stronger ones can be used if needed. Flea Away powder is really a natural product which may be used on the dog. Essential oils may also be used on his collar or diluted with water to be sprayed on his coat. Cedar, tea tree, lavender and citronella oils may also be effective.

Vacuuming and cleaning your home to get rid of the fleas carried out while paying attention to dark, moist places. Powdered like Borax can be used for cleaning. It is also important to keep your yard flea free. Flea Away could be sprayed through a hose, bear in mind to repeat the process after having a watering or rain.

Mostly fleas attack defenseless creatures like kittens and puppies or malnourished ones because of the weak immune systems. A healthy diet plan is essential to ward off fleas. Supplementing your dog's diet with garlic or brewer's yeast in powder or tablet form will keep fleas away because of the taste.

Best flea treatment for dogs

Advantage and Frontline Plus are topical flea control items that stops flea bites inside a matter of minutes. They also kill adult fleas, eggs and larvae in hours. Sentinel and Capstar are pills which help control fleas. In case of young puppies that are infected with fleas, it is better to find the help of a veterinarian.